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Mirrolure 83MR She Dog Rattling Surface Walker - Angler's Headquarters

Mirrolure 83MR She Dog Rattling Surface Walker

$ 7.99

Molded from "space age" plastic media, the She Dog™ features twin "sonic fish calling" rattles. She emits a high frequency sound which enrages gamefish into monstrous strikes. Great "walk-the-dog" action which anyone can master. Higher buoyancy and sound frequency. Both freshwater and saltwater game fish find this lure irresistible.

Additional Specs
Buoyancy: Floating
Hook Size: 2
Lure Body Type: Hardbait
Lure Classification: Freshwater | Saltwater
Lure Color: Black Back | Chrome Body
Lure Series: She Dog®
Lure Size: 4"
Lure Target Species: Trout | Redfish
Lure Weight: 3/4 oz
Number of Hooks: 2

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