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Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head - Angler's Headquarters

Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head


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$ 3.99

A true workhorse, the Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head is an arky-style shakey head that works wonders with a wide-range of baits and conditions. Whether fish want a finesse worm, craw trailer, magnum worm, or a fluke-style bait, the Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head features a spring-lock baitkeeper that will keep them all pinned in place.

Molded with a flat bottom and wide shoulders, the Greenfish Tackle Creeper makes for easy skipping and prevents the bait from rolling as it scoots along the lake floor. Backed by a super-sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook, the Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head provides a versatile platform that can be effectively utilized in a host of condition.

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