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Jackall Mikey Wakebaits - Angler's Headquarters

Jackall Mikey Wakebaits


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$ 17.49

The Mikey topwater bait is the latest evolution of a design developed in Japan. These lures will swim along the top of the water with a wide motion and leave a wake that will direct a bass' attention to what is making the commotion - your lure. The Jackall Mikey uses a three section bait with three ultra-sharp hooks that will swim with a lifelike action. The sections knock against each other, producing a noise that bass seem to love, and there are loud metal ball bearings in each section that will produce a noisy, higher pitched rattle. The finish on the Mikey is superb and all the hardware is first class. Mikey is a top-of-the-line topwater walking bait and deserves to be in the boxes of all serious anglers.

Lure Size3.8"

Lure Target SpeciesBass

Lure Weight5/8 oz

Number of Hooks3

Swimming Depth3 ft


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